Are you looking for a great way to moisturize your face?

The Best Face Moisturizer to Use

For a youthful, vibrant appearance, a wonderful face moisturizer is essential to have in your daily face care regimen.  What I have found works best for me is 20151007_141935a very light, fast absorbing, and nourishing blend of plant oils to use on my face and neck.  The base oils I choose for their nutrient rich, skin replenishing, and radiantly balancing attributes.  Use only high quality plant oils.  A little goes a long way so a very small amount is all that is needed for each application.  It’s just simple nature.  There are not any fillers, chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or other un-friendly chemicals for your skin and our World.

What’s In It

The oil I make for face and neck is generally made up of about ninety eight percent nourishing carrier oils, or base oils, and about one to two percent carefully selected essential oils.  The ones I select possess specific skin cell regeneration capabilities, promote the healthy living skin cells and help get rid of free radicals.

Unrefined Oils vs. Refined Oils

You may have heard it mentioned before … that oils can be refined … and unrefined. These terms refer to how the oil was processed.  I think it’s important to point this out.  Unrefined oils are either ‘cold pressed’, or ‘expeller pressed’, or ‘raw’ and this means the oils were mechanically extracted from the nut or plant with out the use of chemicals or application of external heat.  They also haven’t been further changed, like deodorized or bleached after extraction.  The unrefined oil is un changed and intact.  It retains all of it’s skin loving benefits.

Refined oils are also very good, but through the extraction process are heated, sometimes chemically extracted, and/or bleached and deodorized from their original state. This process can often destroy much of the nutrients. Raw or unrefined are generally more nutrient packed.

Ingredients That Are in the Best Face Moisturizer

Plant oils that I like to use as carrier oils are the ones that absorb quickly into my skin and plump up my skin cells with Vitamin E and fatty acids.  One of my favorite carrier oils to use as a base is an organic Sweet Almond oil.  It doesn’t feel oily on your skin and absorbs deeply through the epidermis quickly.  This main carrier oil can make up about 75 percent of my face oil.  Other carrier oils I like to use instead of Sweet Almond, or in addition too, are Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil, and/ or Avocado Oil.  Other oils are excellent to add in smaller amounts like Jojoba Oil, Cucumber Oil, Evening Primrose, Argan, and Rosehip Seed Oil. These are the oils that can make up an excellent base for your face moisturizer.

First of all, determine your base oil. We recommend a nice light base of Sweet Almond or Grape Seed Oil.  From here you can add some essential oils to help skin cell regeneration, plump up skin cells so they ‘bump’ up to one another, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Essential Oils to Use

My favorite essential oils to use for my face are Rose Absolute, Carrot Seed, Blue Chamomile, and Violet Leaf.  I develop an essential oil blend mostly based on the the oils effectiveness, rather than how the combination smells.  I then add this to the carrier oils.

Now you are ready to either make your own best face moisturizer ever, or better equipped to know what’s best for your skin.


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