Avocado Oil For Washing Your Face

Avocado oil is as wonderful, and as good for your skin, as the fruit is for your food snack.  I shave with Avocado and talked about it in my previous blog post, but there are so many wonderful beauty routines using this oil that i’m just going to keep writing about it.

Avocado Oil For Washing Your FaceI confess that i never wash my face with soap.  It’s probably been 30 years sine i’ve used any kind of a soap to clean my face and neck.  I’ve always found it drying to my skin.  It would tighten my skin, stripping all oil from my face and make it kinda hurt when i’d smile.

My favorite and most common way I wash my face is to use a washcloth, or exfoliating sponge, and put avocado oil on it.  I wet the cloth really well, make sure there is a good amount of avocado oil on it, and rub that on my face and neck.  I do this in the shower and keep it wet.  It takes me about a minute to do this regiment.  It’s my favorite way to wash my face.  When i get out of the shower i squeeze a few drops on my palm and rub it onto my face and neck.  This oil absorbs quickly and a little goes a long way.

Another way i wash my face is to use almond meal.  The almonds have a lot of oil in them and are perfect for exfoliating and nourishing your skin.


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