They are ahead of the curve in California. The raw beauty and temperate conditions seem to breed an environmental consciousness, and a true appreciation for nature.

Beautiful California

Beautiful California

I visited California recently. I spent a week in Santa Cruz, and was awed and inspired by the beauty, weather and cutting edge approach the residents take to living green. Here are three ways California is making headway to a better tomorrow!
Conserve Water Usage
Water is a precious resource, especially in California. Due to the ongoing drought, conservation is mandated. A household is provided a water usage estimate, based on number of residents in the home. If a family goes over their water usage, they are severely fined.  So as not to overuse, small precautions were taken. There was an hour-glass timer in the shower, the toilets weren’t flushed every time, and an acute awareness of water usage was present. Read here for additional tips on water conservation:
Ban on Plastic Bags
Oh plastic … what a scourge on the planet. According to the United Nations, ten percent of the plastic produced every year winds up in the ocean. Seventy percent of which finds its way to the ocean floor where it takes FOREVER to degrade.  Plastic bags are provided much too freely when shopping. One trip to just about anywhere and you are offered several plastic bags. Paper or a reusable bag is a much better option. If you are interested in more disturbing facts, read more here:
Bag charge of $.25
If you forget your reusable bag when going to the grocery store, or the boutique downtown, and you want a vessel for your purchases, you have to buy it. Now that’s incentive! It doesn’t cost much to buy a bag in a pinch, but it does make you stop and think.
I returned the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” (Minnesota) thrilled to be surrounded by the lush green landscape and high humidity. I came home aware of the ample water, but with a honed awareness of my usage, and a reusable bag with me always (in the car, or in my purse).
Here at Bodylish, we are mindful of our product packaging and manufacturing processes. We reuse, recycle and conserve precious resources. I applaud these three actions taken in California to make the World a better place. I think they should be implemented nationwide.


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