Woman In Bath
Woman In Bath

Relaxing in the Tub

Are you an over achiever looking for a way to up your game?  Well being in the body care business provides us the unique opportunity to ask people what their preferences regarding bathing habits; such as “do you prefer a bath or showe

This has lead to some interesting, and in some cases, unexpected responses. Here are three of our favorite answers to that mysterious question of bathing rites. Yes folks, in these three ways, a bath is much, much, much better.

HOT BATH BURNS CALORIES                                                                        

There are studies that prove a hot soak can burn as many calories as a 30 minute walk. The results also state that this form of passive heating (raising core body temperature) can help cardiovascular health as well.  If you can’t quite get yourself out the door for a walk, heat up the tub and take a bath to burn calories.

SOAK THERAPY                                                                                         

Your body can absorb minerals through your skin. When you submerge in a tub with bath additives, such as epsom salts or essential oils, your body benefits.

DRINK while BATHING                                                                                

Have you ever tried a glass of wine in the shower?  It doesn’t work. Enjoying a glass of wine while submersing in a hot soak IS like a vacation. So grab your favorite drink, and hop aboard the relaxation express (the tub!).

So, if you have a tub and access to hot water in the nearby vicinity and you are a natural-born high achiever aiming for the best in life — taking a BATH rather that a shower is the logical choice for you.

We didn’t want to mention this right off, but we have discovered another unique trait through our informal surveys —  bonus point; in addition to weight loss therapy while relaxing in the tub, our survey takers also said that bath takers have better looking feet.  



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