Should you bathe in a lake?  Here in Minnesota we have a lot of lakes and are often asked about whether our soaps can be used in a lake?  Are they bio-degradable? Well, our answer is that yes, our soaps, as are all our products, are bio-degradable and are much better to use in a lake than commercially made soaps and shampoos.  BUT, it is well to remember that when you use natural ECO friendly soaps, such as ours, in a lake it does leave behind elements that were previously not in the lake. Here is an interesting article on the subject that basically recommends…Brisk rubbing with a natural Loofah sponge, followed by a dip in the lake, will remove dead skin, most of the “offensive” odour, and leave the body feeling tingly and clean.  Use this approach, along with a bucket of water and natural soap away from the shore and you will ensure that the compounds will be kept to the soil and not in the lake.  For an awesome solid shampoo bar check out our Down To Earth Shampoo and Shave bar.


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