Shaving Experience Mn Shave
Shaving Experience Mn Shave

Smooth Shave Experience

Shave oil is the BEST shave experience i’ve ever had.  I can’t see myself shaving with anything else again because there is no burn or harshness at all.  And i love that it’s not drying like other methods of shaving.  It’s actually beneficial and healthy for your skin.  I have mostly used a foaming gel cream as my shaving product.  One product i have to say that i like is well, but not as much as using oil, is a product from REMAY, which is an interesting solid gel, but it doesn’t outshine, or out smooth i should say, shaving with oil.  It’s also a throw away plastic which sucks.

Here at bodylish we make our shave oil using mostly Avocado oil which is a light, thin, oil made from … Avocados.  It’s perfect as a shave oil and has many of the same benefits to your skin that the fruit has for your skin.  It help regenerate skin cells and absorbs into your skin to help nourish and feed your skin and helps reduce the signs of aging.  It also won’t clog your razor.

Other oils that are really good for nourishing your skin are also great to shave with and we add those oils into our MN Shave Oil as well.  The second most abundant oil we use is Jojoba oil.  We also add Aloe Vera Oil which is another fantastic oil that helps heal and moisturize.

So the way i use this oil is i first wet my whiskers.  Then i put about 10 drops on the palm of my hand and rub this into the areas I am going to be shaving.  I let it sit for about 30 seconds before i start shaving.  I keep my razor wet by rinsing it out every couple of times across my face.  If i do start to feel drag a splash of water slippins things up again.

When i’ve finished shaving i use this same oil as my aftershave and rub it into my forehead and neck.  That is why shave oil is the best.


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