Shave With Avocado Oil

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Minnesota Shave Oil is a smooth shave.  It works great as a moisturizing after shave too. It will leave your newly shaved skin hydrated and feeling healthy and moisturized.


Avocado oil soothes dry and irritated skin.  Aloe Vera oil heals and moisturizes.  Rosehip Seed oil is full of vitamins and fatty acid that really works on the cellular level to regenerate skin cells.

How to Use:

Wet whiskers to give them a chance to soften up then using only 5 drops in the palm of your hand massage into your skin where the razor is going to be shaving.  If you start to feel drag with the razor just add some water to your face and it will slip right up again.

The small squeeze bottle is meant to be used in the shower.


Avocado oil, aloe vera oil, rosehip seed oil, Vit e, and essential oil of Bay.

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