Therapeutic bath bombs in mini-cutie four packs. Three 100% real varieties, Captain Fantastic Rescue Bath, I Like You Skin Loving Bath, and Stand on Lotus foot treatment bath.

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Oh fer cute! Introducing Mini-Cuties. Made to treat a body to a therapeutic bath, these four pack of mini sized round bombs are great for a smaller tub, a bath for the kids, or a quick blast of aromatherapy in the sink or shower. Made the same way with the same therapeutic properties as the full size bath bombs. Pick your mood and add some water. Bliss is on the way. 

The sampler comes with three mini-cutie bath bomb four-pack top sellers, Captain Fantastic, I Like You, Stand On Lotus

Captain Fantastic to the Rescue — detox and fight-off illness with super soft skin. Eucalyptus and Lavender & Charcoal.

I Like You Skin Hug — soothe skin and relax in bliss with this aloe and calendula infused mini I Like You bombs.

Stand On Lotus Foot Soak   — Epsom salt, tea tree and spirulina. Revive your feet and feel the soft.

All the bombs are 100% REAL. no artificial colors, pure essential oils, cruelty free, compostable packaging. Treat yourself, or a friend. 


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