First of all, do you know what a Solid lotion bar for the shower is? This will tell you how to use solid lotion bars (an incredibly easy and efficient way to put on lotion n the shower!!!) by Bodylish that deeply penetrates, super moisturizes and protects skin.

IMG_5491These products are a solid lotion for the shower, NOT a soap. They are made with a combination of Shea butter and Cocoa butter, both known for their abilities to protect and moisturize skin. When you are in the shower,  your pores are open allowing the butters to soak in, providing a buffer for skin that seals in moisture and protects skin. It’s easy. While in the warm shower water, just rub your skin with the Yum Exfoliating lotion bar (made with Sea Salt) or the LUXE (all lotion), then rinse step out and pat dry. The result? Amazing soft, supple skin.

We formulated the Yum and Pink Yum with natural salts to exfoliate skin naturally. We use a Sea Salt in the original Yum and a pure pink Himalayan salt in the Pink Yum. The LUXE was formulated for ultra soothing, skin loving goodness by infusing the Shea butter with Earl Grey tea or Vanilla beans.

They are amazing products. The smell is incredible (all from pure essential oils and botanicals), and they are solid (no plastic bottles with which to taint the product or contend with after use) for ease.

Once you try one, you’ll never go back to the bottle.


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