olivesHave you heard of the Oil Cleansing Method? This is an amazing method where oils are slathered on skin to clean and nourish, rather than soaps or harsh chemicals. The oils¬†work in a multitude of ways, helping balance your skin’s natural oil production, as well as are hydrating when used on face, body and hair.¬†Oils are actually great for acne-prone skin, or those with dry or oily skin. All skin types benefit. Just find the oil or oils that work best for you.

The oils will mix with your bodies natural oil production, bind with the surface impurities and allow them to be rinsed away without stripping the skin of of natural oils, leaving it unbalanced and causing it to produce more oil to rebalance. Excess production equals more problematic skin. Using oil as the cleanser will balance the natural pH, and prevent the skin from producing more oil resulting in overload. You can even add essential oils for an antibacterial boost.

We use our Rosemary and Juniper berry organic Olive oil/ Jojoba infusion (Rejuvenation Wonder Oil) or our Smiling in Flowers Face Serum as oil based cleansers on face, body and hair, but Organic olive oil or Organic coconut oil straight from the kitchen cupboard are fantastic skin loving cleansers as well. It is the secret to gently removing determined dirt and grime and nourishing and moisturizing skin as a gentle make-up remover that doesn’t pull and stretch delicate skin. This gentle cleansing method prevents wrinkles while nourishing and hydrating skin. Try it!



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