100% Natural

100% Natural

At Bodylish, our products are 100% fresh and natural. We make healthy body care. We use only hand selected premium ingredients, nourishing oils, butters and botanicals and ONLY pure essential oils. Think food grade (and gourmet!). You could eat our body care, but please don’t.

Each product is formulated for a body benefit. Fighting colds, nourishing and moisturizing skin and uplifting, invigorating, nourishing and protecting – from the outside in. We used traditional, time-tested, recipes, combined with the powers of plants, herbs and botanicals and mixed together with a chef’s eye for super effective, pure and natural daily body and skin care products.

Production and business practices are mindful and sustainable. We consider the environmental impact and our little footprint in the full life-flow of our products, from ingredient selection to the last little bit you use in the shower. We design our products to be effective, efficient, bio-degradable, portable and multipurpose.

Support a traditional craft and artisnal small batch production. We LOVE what we do and learning more! We produce in small batches using artisan methods and cure and age our products for ultimate deliciousness.

We truly make the world’s best body care. We want you to try it, and experience the difference. Your skin will love you.


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