WARM not HOTHere we are, it is already Fall. The weather is starting to shift from the hot humidity of Summer into the dry, harsh, cold Winter conditions that come with Fall and Winter. When these shifts in weather happen, your skin (your body’s largest organ) may need a different kind of care. Here are four easy tips to save your skin.

  1. Time to bring out the Moisturizer!
    This should be a heavy duty skin nourisher. For best results, apply moisturizer regularly. Conditioned skin more easily absorbs the oils. The best time to apply the moisturizer is right after the shower, but many places (including The Mayo Clinic) recommend 2 – 3 applications of moisturizer a day during dry seasons. Nourishing butters and oils make great moisturizers.
  2. Take WARM (not hot) showers!
    A hot shower actually sap the much needed moisture, and you strip your skin of natural oils when air conditions are dry. The best temperature is right around body temperature of 98 or 99 degrees fahrenheit.
  3. Switch to  Moisture Rich Handmade Soaps (not harsh commercial soaps/detergents)!
    Commercial soaps can be very drying to skin, especially in the cold Winter months. Your best choice is a oil rich soap. Look for soaps that are handmade and/or super fatted (this means oils are added after saponification so their qualities are retained in the soap).
  4. Take a BATH!
    Soaking in a tub with skin softening agents and oil (or moisturizing bath bomb or lotion bar) is one of the most efficient ways for your skin to get moisturized. While in the warm water, your pores open up and are more adept at soaking up the moisture. Also, a bath is better for loosening dead skin cells and renewing skin. Softening agents, such as baking soda and salts, will further aid your dry skin. And mentally, a warm little bath will make life all the sweeter.

These four tips will help you and your skin weather the conditions while maintaining soft supple skin. Living in the harsh climate of Minnesota, we know how to handle dry, cold, windy conditions. Many bodylish products were formulated to tackle these tough situations … they work, they smell good, and they are good for you. Happy Fall.


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