20150208_114539SuperFatted With Goat’s Milk

This photo is about 64 ounces of fresh Goat’s Milk Soap!  It smells as yummy as it looks with Pink Grapefruit and Spearmint essential oils.

What is SuperFat Soap

Super Fat in soaps speaks to the amount of oil left in the finished bar.  Maybe you’ve run across some soaps that say they’re 6% super fat?  Well that is saying 6% of the soap is still oil.  The process we use when making all our soaps is to wait till the very end of the mixing process, when a lot of the reaction between the lye and the oils has already occurred (called trace), then we pour in the specific oil we want in the finished bar.  This generally happens at the 45 minute to 1 1/2 hour point in the process.  What it allows us to do is control the type of oil that is in the finished bar which makes a big difference in the traits of the soap, how it feels and benefits to your skin.

Getting the Full Benefit of Goat’s Milk

Well, what we’d like to do is super fat with fresh goat’s milk, but making a good goat’s milk soap isn’t that easy.  A lot of the research shows pouring the goat’s milk into the lye slowly and then pouring that mixture into the oils to make the soap.  I’m not sure why this is the way it’s recommended. When we’ve  tried that method the results aren’t to our standards. The ultimate goal for us is a pure white bar of luscious sudsy soap that is very mild with plenty of goat’s milk to be applied to the skin.


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