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Calendula — Natural Ingredient Highlight

NATURAL INGREDIENT HIGHLIGHT At bodylish we use natural ingredients and pure essential oils in every formulation. We love utilizing the treasure trove of powerful helpers found in nature. Plants are amazing for mind, body and skin. This ingredient highlight is all about Calendula! We LOVE this aromatic flower! Calendula, also known as the Marigold Flower,…

Posted on May 21, 2017 by Nora Schaper

December Events

Yes, December is already here. Bodylish is out and about the Twin Cities sharing delicious body care every chance we get. Here is our event schedule. In addition to these locations, we will be at local Food Co-Ops, Grocery Stores and specialty locations doing what we call a “demo.”  Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages…

Posted on November 30, 2016 by Nora Schaper

FREE SHIP Cyber Monday

All online orders ship free on Cyber Monday, Nov. 28. No code is needed. Just place your order and get your stuff! One day only. Don’t miss your chance.

Posted on November 27, 2016 by Nora Schaper

November Events — Bodylish on the Town

The event season is upon us! We are thrilled to be part of such a vibrant craft and event community. For links and more up-to-date information, check out our facebook page at Hope to see you at next event.

Posted on November 11, 2016 by Nora Schaper

Bathing Fantasy — Hot Springs

This bathing fantasy takes us to a HOT SPRING for a soothing soak. Hot Springs are a spring of naturally hot water, typically heated by subterranean volcanic activity. Often, they are filled with nourishing minerals and muscle soothing hot waters. Since ancient times, bathers from around the World have flocked to these naturally occurring sites…

Posted on November 8, 2016 by Nora Schaper

November 1 — Bath Season Opener

Each year at this time, the flames of water heaters across the globe ignite in anticipation of the big BATH SEASON OPENER — a much revered time of year. Season opener occurs on Nov. 1 when the weather turns cold and dark. There are many types of refuge sought deep in the depths of the…

Posted on October 31, 2016 by Nora Schaper


Our bath bombs are 100 percent natural, non-gmo, pure essential oils, no artificial colors, no artificial fragrance, cruelty free, biodegradable, and compostable packaging.   Shop bath bombs.

Posted on April 12, 2016 by Jay Schaper

Three Reasons Why Lotion BARS are Better Than Lotion

When the weather shifts and Winter starts to happen, lotion is a survival necessity, especially in the harsh climes of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Once the super dry and very cold season hits, frequent full-body applications of some kind of moisturizer is the only way to avoid the painful side effects of dry skin. The lotion options…

Posted on October 27, 2015 by Nora Schaper

Four Easy Tips To Save Your Skin When Conditions Turn Harsh

Here we are, it is already Fall. The weather is starting to shift from the hot humidity of Summer into the dry, harsh, cold Winter conditions that come with Fall and Winter. When these shifts in weather happen, your skin (your body’s largest organ) may need a different kind of care. Here are four easy…

Posted on October 13, 2015 by Nora Schaper

What Is The Best Face Moisturizer

Are you looking for a great way to moisturize your face? The Best Face Moisturizer to Use For a youthful, vibrant appearance, a wonderful face moisturizer is essential to have in your daily face care regimen.  What I have found works best for me is a very light, fast absorbing, and nourishing blend of plant oils to use on…

Posted on October 7, 2015 by Jay Schaper

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