Bodylish was started years ago when Nora and Jay Schaper started making bath bombs and soaps using pure, natural ingredients “in recipes” in their kitchen. Nora, with a keen interest in essential oils learned from her adventures in France, and Jay with his entrepreneurial perspective, happily converged in Bodylish and the couple started mixing and creating therapeutic all natural body care in bigger and bigger batches.

FullSizeRenderThe product line grew in response to daily demands and wear and tear onIMG_20110729_144341 the bodies in the family. With each cold virus, dry skin patch, boo-boo, and tired muscle an aromatherapy, super duper soothing, 100% natural solution was found. The family continues their adventures and find new challenges that need natural delicious solutions, so the story continues. Thanks Bodylish!

Nora and Jay run and manage the business, but in reality it takes the whole family, including their twoGizzyTheFrenchie sons, Liam and Owen, and their cute little gremlin like pig-dog, Gizmo (who has all the fame in the family with her very own Instagram page)



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