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Super Fat Soap; How We Make It

Posted on March 13, 2011 by Jay Schaper

before super fat soap is poured

Trace. See the drops resting on top?

Ever wonder what it means to Super Fat soap?  The term Super Fat refers to the percentage of oil that is left unchanged from the Lye when the soap is finished.  The amount of oil left in our finished soap is between 10 and 16 percent (depending on the soap), resulting in a super moisturizing and soothing bathing experience.

Super Fat Soap Process .JPG

Superfatting our Down to Earth Shampoo Bar.

What we do with our Down To Earth Shampoo Bar, for example, is we Super Fat it with Kukui Nut and Jojoba Oils by adding these two  nutritious oils after the batch has traced;  Defined as “thick enough for drops to rest on top of mixture.”  At this point, most of the saponification process has occurred and oils you want to be fully present when using the bar can be added.  This effectively allows these two oils (Kukui Nut and Jojoba which are really beneficial to your hair and scalp) to be the ‘superfat’ in our shampoo bar! We do this process for all our soaps.  They are then aged for three months to make a hard solid shampoo bar!  Let the food feeding skin and hair fest begin.

our products are so 100% natural they have a shelf life!