Bath Time Candle

Bodylish really is.  

According to the dictionary, REAL means three things:

  • Actually existing
  • not imitation or artificial; genuine
  • complete; utter (used for emphasis)

Bodylish has perfected luxury body care over the years (since opening in 1999). All products are still made by hand, with real nourishing, effective, premium ingredients.  Every single product mindfully mixed for a “wows” from the user and no harm to anything else.

Beware of Fakes

In 2018, bath bombs are a thing — in a BIG way. There’s been a steep rise in availability. In our encounters, we’ve been horrified to see so many “Fake” types out there. Artificial color, PEG instead of oils, synthetic fragrances and ridiculous packaging (don’t they know that plastic lasts forever??).  Some of these ingredients are not a safe bath for soaking.

The Bodylish Pledge

At bodylish, all our products will be made for a benefit to body and planet. We will constantly strive to improve our products, evaluate our methods and ingredients and choose the best possible options, both for a “wow” experience and ultimate benefit to body and planet.

We believe that you can change the world. Each time you choose a product mindfully made, your drop adds to the growing swell of good!

100% Natural *  Pure Essential Oils * No Artificial Colors * Cruelty Free * Compostable Package


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