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Minnesota Made Gourmet Body Care Available at the State Fair

Bodylish i Like You Bath Bomb


Yes, folks, once again you can get your fresh gourmet body care fix at the Minnesota State Fair. Bodylish, a 100% natural, Minnesota made gourmet body care company, is included as part of the i Like You booth located this year in the West End Market.

The I Like You brick and mortar location is a local treasure located in Northeast Minneapolis, where they showcases the wares of over 200 hip, independent crafters and artists from the Minneapolis area. For the Fair, they also host a booth that is filled to the brim with the coolest of Minnesota made goods, the BEST Minnesota, Midwest themed T-shirts, art by famed Minnesota artist Adam Turman and a whole lot more.

Bodylish offerings include the Peace Bath Bomb (awesome in a bath of cool water after a day at the fair), the i Like You Bath Bomb (named for the store and cherished and adored for the best skin soothing bath this side of the Mississippi), the Down to Earth (whole body soap, shampoo and shave) traveler two pack and for the first time this year the Stand On Lotus Fizzing Foot Soaks (amazing to revive and renew tired tootsies).  Ahhhh … you just can’t go wrong.

Starting Thursday, August 23 (opening day at the Great Minnesota Get Together) you can grab your food on a stick and walk on over to the i Like You booth at the West End Marketplace and treat your body to the BEST body care on the planet. Take a break, take a bath.

Why Choose Bodylish?


Our products are 100% fresh and natural. We use only hand selected premium ingredients, nourishing oils, butters and botanicals and ONLY pure essential oils. Think food grade (and gourmet!). You could eat our body care, but please don’t.

Each product is formulated for a body benefit. Fighting colds, nourishing and moisturizing skin and uplifting, invigorating, nourishing and protecting – from the outside in.  We used traditional, time-tested, recipes, combined with the powers of plants, herbs and botanicals and mixed together with a chef’s eye for super effective, pure and natural daily body and skin care products.

Production and business practices are mindful and sustainable. We consider the environmental impact and our little footprint in the full life-flow of our products, from ingredient selection to the last little bit you use in the shower. We design our products to be effective, efficient, bio-degradable, portable and multipurpose.

Support a traditional craft and artisnal small batch production. We LOVE what we do and learning more! We produce in small batches using artisan methods and cure and age our products for ultimate deliciousness.

We truly make the world’s best body care. We want you to try it, and experience the difference. Your skin will love you.


Fresh and Vibrant Skin Tips for Spring

Even our skin longs for the fresh sweet air of spring. Weeks of deprivation from sun kissed vitamins and over harsh and dry weather can leave the skin tired and lifeless … Spring is upon us, it’s time to freshen up!

Here are five healthy habits to nurture fresh vibrant skin.

1. Be Gentle

Use products that are mild and gentle. The fewer ingredients* the better, and be sure that the ingredients the product does contain are emollient and nutritive, not harsh or drying. This time of year, a cleansing oil or milk type cleanser for face is perfect. You can make your own with organic olive oil and essential oils (we use Lavender and Rosemary). Oil is actually an excellent cleanser. It feeds the skin, and removes dirt without pulling skin.

*Be aware of what you are putting on your skin. Sixty percent of what comes in contact with the skin is absorbed. For vibrant health, it is best to use products with pure, natural ingredients, and gentle essences.

2. Apply Face Cream Daily

A deeply penetrating face cream or serum can make a big difference in the balance and health of your skin. Daily use of a nutritive, hydrating and protective cream increases skins elasticity, vibrancy and overall health.  Each individual has unique skin that is adapting and changing as environmental conditions change. Carefully choose a high-quality cream that is right for YOU.

3. Increase Hydration

Your skin is a mirror of your hydration level. For soft, youthful skin that is plump and supple be sure to drink plenty of water. In addition, it doesn’t hurt to further hydrate skin by bathing, misting, or submerging. When a conveniently placed clear tepid pool of water is lacking, we LOVE a skin rejuvenating spritz.

4. Eat Healthy and Get Fresh Air

True beauty really is cultivated from the inside out. The health and balance of your entire body is reflected through the skin. To help nurture your complexion from within, take a daily dose of vitamins, including fish oils, eat ample portions of fresh foods, and get outside everyday.

5. Find Your Happy Place

Stress can show on your skin. Relax, meditate, visualize, do yoga or just find your happy place. Do this every day for at least 15 minutes. Carve out this time for yourself and make sure you do it. This, above all else, will give you the benefit you seek.

Three Tips for Fantastic Winter Skin — Men and Women

Beautiful Winter

Winter conditions can be outright brutal to skin! Here are three simple tips to help you weather the weather beautifully.

  • Hydrate your body — Simply put, this means water. Your body needs even more water than usual under these dry conditions. The best way to keep skin looking plump and supple is to DRINK a daily supply of at least 64 oz of water a day (eight glasses). You can also hydrate skin through submerging in water (like a bath! or a shower). Hydrotherapy, or water therapy, offers                                numerous benefits especially when enhanced with botanicals, minerals, nourishing oils and essential oils.
  • Exfoliate dry, dead skin — at least weekly to maintain healthy skin. The discovery of the exfoliation process is credited to the ancient Egyptians. It has been used for centuries to refresh and renew skin and lips, as well as improve circulation, unclog pores and restore a healthy glow. Exfoliation is also important for men, as it exposes hair follicles, allowing for a closer shave.
  • Moisturize — deeply and frequently. Get into a daily habit of moisturizing skin. Wintertime calls for a thicker cream type for a deep overnight face hydration, and gentle cleansing (consider cleansing with an oil product (oil cleansing method) rather than with soap).  And for a  smooth, soft skin on body, lotion up and nourish skin with every shower. Your skin will experience the most benefit if pores are open (from a nice warm bath or shower) when the lotion is applied.

Mind and body are connected! Stay warm, stay healthy, stay happy … and your skin will surely show it!